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insomniax's Journal

Live Journal Insomniax
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This community was started because i saw the need for a community that would give people something to do late at night when they cant sleep. There are so many non-sleepers on live journal that it seemed just insain that there was not a community for us. Now there is.

So go make your coffee or tea and pick some good music and lets try and
make this community a nice place to waste our nights.

Please Read if you are going to join:
Okay, everyone seems to love taking those online tests and quizzes, right? But no one wants to see the same damn thing over and over again. SO PLEASE if you are going to take a test and you want to post it in this community. You must use a lj-cut to post it. No exceptions. I will not tolerate any kind of violence,spam,or fucking dumbshits. Simply this...if i dont like you. You will not be allowed to post in this community.

Learn how to lj cut your stuff here--► http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75

►This community is moderated by crunchywater


►Please feel free to post any pictures, artwork ect.
But please use common courtesy and a lj-cut
for more then a few/or large pictures. Thanx.

►Started Aug 28, 2003